The Oxfordshire Housing Market Assessment has identified the housing needs of Oxfordshire including Oxford city.

Transport Access and Movement

The work done by the Growth Board and Oxford City has highlighted that all of the growth required can’t be delivered in Oxford City itself. The surrounding districts, including SODC have therefore agreed to accommodate some of the city’s needs.

However, this provision of new housing should be located as close as possible to jobs and demand to encourage as many people as possible to walk, cycle and use public transport rather than drive from further afield. The Bayswater location is unparalleled in SODC in its non-car travel credentials.

An assessment of the transport-related sustainability credentials was undertaken to support the promotion of Bayswater as a suitable location for residential development.

The analysis throughout the study presents that Bayswater is amongst the very best locations for residential development in and around Oxford in terms of its transport-related sustainability. Sustainability can be achieved as development at Bayswater would:

  • Minimise the need to travel by car
  • Reduce the length and duration of journeys into Oxford
  • Reduce CO2 emissions, by promoting and encouraging the use of cycling and walking.

Delivering High Quality Infrastructure


Bayswater will be a highly accessible and connected community with excellent infrastructure links to Oxford and local transport hubs including Oxford Parkway rail station. We are extremely committed to delivering high quality transport infrastructure to the site and local area and will invest significantly to ensure that the development benefits local communities.

We are in discussions with Oxfordshire County Council with the vision to build a new connection from the development to the A40 ring road, whilst we are also proposing to develop cycle and pedestrian connections with neighbouring Barton Park and the current routes into Oxford. We will also consider connecting Oxford Parkway station with Bayswater through developing a new cycleway for the larger scheme. Local bus services will also be enhanced as there is the potential to extend existing routes.

Sustainability aspect of each proposal site’s non-car access to local amenities

Bayswater, Oxford

Bayswater is a residential-led development scheme proposed on land adjacent to Barton Park that has been prepared and promoted by the landowners, Christ Church Oxford and Dorchester Residential Management, and provides a response to the unmet housing need in Oxford.