Key elements and design principles

Our proposals at a glance

Our vision for Bayswater is to create a beautiful, sustainable neighbourhood where people and nature can thrive, with the world-class city of Oxford and the countryside at its doorstep. This will be a community for everyone and at all stages of life.

These are the seven ways we plan to make Bayswater a great place to live.

  • Renewable and Low Carbon Technologies
  • Protecting Ecology and Biodiversity
  • Creating Homes for Everyone
  • Cultivating a Thriving Community
  • Designing for Greener Travel
  • A long-term stewardship
  • Embodying excellent design and local heritage
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What our vision looks like in practice

Homes for everyone

1450 homes with 120 assisted living properties of which 50 per cent will be Affordable, including:

  • 254 Social rent properties
  • 181 Affordable rent properties
  • 109 Shared ownership properties
  • 181 First homes
  • 60 of the assisted living properties to be affordable.

Green space for people to enjoy

  • Over 12 km of walking routes
  • Play spaces and play trails
  • An outdoor gym, tennis courts, and kickabout areas
  • Over half the site is public open space or retained farmland
  • 1.4 Ha of community gardening spaces, orchards and allotments
  • Making sure wildlife and habitats are left in a better condition than before the site was allocated

A low-carbon neighbourhood

  • Over 8 km of on-site cycle paths, as well as other street and leisure routes.
  • Exemplary low carbon standards from day one
  • Five mobility hubs across the site
  • EV charging throughout the site
  • EV car club

Supporting the new and existing community

  • A new community building on site as part of a new western public square which will include local retail opportunities, a new primary school, and assisted living, centered around an existing mature oak tree.
  • A refurbishment scheme at Wick Farm Barns and Well House to include a range of facilities.

Our design principles

As part of our planning application we are working on some key design and placemaking principles to ensure our vision and objectives are achieved.

Bayswater is being designed so that those who choose to can live without owning a car.

  • Designing in the easy ability to walk and cycle through Bayswater and, when integrated with nearby places, ensuring day to day needs can be met within around a 15-20-minute walk or cycle.
  • Creating a hierarchy of active travel routes throughout the site, with fast segregated commuter cycle routes that link up with the wider network, leisure and school-run friendly routes that connect homes to key community services and spaces.
  • Make sustainable travel more convenient with mobility hubs located along the main street of the site, where residents can make good use of then. All properties are to be within 500m of a mobility hub, with the majority within 300m of one.
  • Parking that’s controlled and flexible, with cars not dominating the street scene and ensuring parking areas can be adapted in future. EV charging will be provided throughout the site to future proof transport changes and future needs.

Letting the landscape lead placemaking

  • Landscape will be given space to fully mature with species carefully considered to allow for climate change, to be ecologically diverse, to provide seasonal interest and character and to be of appropriate scale for the spaces.
  • The landscape will dictate key spaces throughout the scheme, reinforcing these features as community spaces, taking care to maintain and reinforce wildlife corridors.
  • Every resident will be within a 5 minute walk of public open space and equipped play areas.
  • A minimum of 10 per cent Biodiversity Net Gain will be achieved at Bayswater, with areas designed in specifically for wildlife and habitat, with new and maintained wildlife corridors through the site. Elements to provide additional measures for ecology will be integrated into the residential areas.

Community wellbeing, inclusivity and opportunity

  • Bayswater will prioritise health and wellbeing for all. There will be substantial leisure and recreational routes through green spaces all around the neighbourhood, from play to exercise to dog walking.
  • There will be opportunities for community and local retail in key areas of the site around the sustainable transport nodes.
  • Flexibility in some of the ground floor spaces along the main street and around the key spaces is to be designed in to future-proof for additional non-residential uses.
  • Bayswater will be inclusive, with Affordable housing designed to be tenure blind, architecturally attractive and pepperpotted throughout the site.
  • Bayswater will be a beautiful place and thriving community. To do this we will be running architectural competitions to ensure the detailed design meets our goals and aspirations.

Update - 31 July 2022

Our second stage of public consultation (29 June - 31 July 2022) is now closed.

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