Community amenities

Creating connected communities

From the start of our work, we have focused on designing a place centred around the community.

That means a welcoming neighbourhood for Bayswater residents, as well as one that connects people from surrounding communities.

During our last consultation, it became even more clear to us that community facilities and retail space were very important. We have now included a new community hall and extra provision for small, local retail opportunities.

We are also designing in flexibility for the future so that should these elements be successful there is the opportunity for further provision.

Our proposals

  • A vibrant local centre at Wick Farm – this will include a café and a restaurant, co-working hub, refurbishment of the Well House, two squares as well as a market garden, bike shop and small retail space.
  • An enhanced western community square – which, in addition to the twoform entry primary school, now has a new community hall and new small local retail spaces, as well as assisted living properties and a mobility hub around an existing mature oak tree.
  • Extensive green infrastructure and leisure facilities – including equipped play spaces, informal play areas and a play trail. Leisure space and facilities will be for all ages, including kickabout spaces, two tennis courts, an outdoor workout space, games court, leisure walking, running and cycling routes.
  • Section 106 contributions – that means financial contributions to other facilities that will benefit local people, including expanding secondary and special educational needs provision in Oxford. It also means expanding local GP services and other community infrastructure such as indoor and outdoor sports and leisure facilities, and resources such as libraries.
  • Integrating Bayswater with Barton and Barton Park – Bayswater is being planned with the wider community in mind, with facilities that will complement, not compete with, existing facilities at Barton and Barton Park. Some suggestions so far for community facilities and opportunities include; community shop; community larder; facilities for teenagers - such as a music hub; affordable space to rent for local businesses and clubs; electric mini-bus; funding for key community posts.
  • Neighbourhood policing – We are exploring the possibility of including a neighbourhood police facility at Bayswater and are also consulting with Thames Valley Police on our masterplan around security and policing of the site. This process will continue and inform our planning application and refined proposals.
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Land use parameter plan - click image to enlarge. Pinch to zoom

Re-using historic buildings to create a new community hub

We are committed to creating a development with its own character and one that’s more than just new homes. We want to provide opportunities and facilities that will complement and enhance what is already available in the wider area.

As part of this we are creating two carefully designed local centres to support new and existing communities and to help create the exciting, sustainable, integrated community we want to see.

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Initial visual of new Wick Farm upper courtyard with the re-thatched listed barn and a new café Pinch to zoom

Bringing historic buildings back to life

To the east of the site, internationally renowned heritage architects, Purcell will bring the historic buildings at Wick Farm back to life as part of a new social community hub at the heart of the neighbourhood.

This would see the listed Well House refurbished and the listed barn re-thatched. These existing buildings will be sensitively restored and enhanced to create an exciting space for people to use long-term.

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Initial visual of new wick Farm lower courtyard with the refurbished Well House and listed barn Pinch to zoom

The community hub involves:

  • A café, a restaurant, bike shop, local retail space and work spaces
  • A new market garden to support the restaurant
  • Creating two new courtyards with stepped seating so people can sit and enjoy views of the historic buildings and surrounding landscape

About our partners, Purcell

Purcell has recently been entrusted to restore the tower that houses Big Ben in Westminster, as well as Christ Church’s Thatched Barn and Visitor Centre in Oxford. They are bringing the same experience and understanding to ensuring that the listed buildings at Wick Farm, the new elements being proposed and surrounding communities work sensitively together for the long-term.

Image below: New Visitor Centre in the Meadow at Christ Church.

Update - 31 July 2022

Our second stage of public consultation (29 June - 31 July 2022) is now closed.

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