Bridges to connect the site

Making sure Bayswater is well connected to existing communities and wider Oxford is at the heart of our vision, and building bridges is central to this.

We are working with Stirling Prize winning architects, Wilkinson Eyre, to design a new foot and cycle bridge over the A40, and are unlocking access between local places with attractive new bridges across Bayswater Brook.

A new foot and cycle bridge over the A40

This is located at the western end of the site, near the Barton Park junction to the A40. It will ensure Bayswater is connected with:

  • The John Radcliffe (via a new link from the A40 cycle way to Foxwell Drive) and for those travelling south-eastwards along the A40 (in the Cowley direction)
  • Marsh Lane via Foxwell Drive/Borrowmead Road; and via the A40 cycle path,, through the Marston Interchange with improvements to the cycleways down Marsh Lane. This will allow onwards travel towards the Swan and Cherwell Schools and city centre
  • The A40 north-westwards (in the Oxford North direction) with an improved crossing where the existing cycle path crosses the A40 north-westbound on slip
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Foot and cycle bridge impression - click image to enlarge. Pinch to zoom

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Foot and cycle bridge proposed location - click image to enlarge. Pinch to zoom

Bridging Bayswater Brook

We are also proposing new pedestrian and cycle bridges over the Bayswater Brook, linking Bayswater with Barton and Barton Park.

These bridges over the brook will be a minimum of four metres wide to allow plenty of space for pedestrians and cyclists to use them safely and easily. The bridges have been located to improve connections between neighbourhoods and enable all local people to easily access facilities on both sides of the brook.

There are segregated cycle routes which link the bridges over the brook through Bayswater to the A40 foot and cycle bridge, so that the new major connection can be used by all neighbouring communities too.

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Foot and cycle bridge crossings over Bayswater Brook - click image to enlarge. Pinch to zoom

Update - 31 July 2022

Our second stage of public consultation (29 June - 31 July 2022) is now closed.

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